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Why Become A Full Stack Developer?

By Lokesh Kumar15 Sep 2022
Why Become A Full Stack Developer?

Do you have a knack for creativity? Are you always looking for flaws in websites? If technology and creativity are your interests then you ought to become a full stack developer. While some people like the creative side of website development, others are more inclined towards its technical side. 


Those who like its creative side, become front-end developers, whereas, those who love the technical side of the website development, become back-end developers. But other than these two, there are people can do it all, and they are known as full stack developers. In this article, I will tell you the benefits of becoming a full stack developer. Wade through this blog to better understand all the benefits.


Demand is the Crux


The demand for full stack developers is always high. It rose 29% in the year 2022. It’s primarily because businesses need full stack developers as they can handle all three layers of website development, i.e. presentation, logic and database. Companies all around the world look for professionals who can perform multitasking effectively and efficiently. 


Businesses trust full stack developers the most. They provide them with multiple projects. As full stack developers are know it all, their demand is always high. Therefore, you should think about becoming a full stack developer.


High Repute & Salary


Since full stack developers are well-versed in all the areas of website development, they get high salaries. Be it startups or big brands, all offer full stack developers attractive salaries due to their competence and demand. The average salary of full stack developers in India is somewhere around 6-8 LPA. And, I’m not yet talking about experienced professionals, they get around 15 LPA. 


It’s because full stack developers can perform the work of a couple of programmers all on their own. Full stack developers drastically reduce the operating costs of a company. Businesses are always looking for ways to leverage their great potential of working on different frameworks and technologies.


Rising Productivity


Full stack developers do it all, from creating a database to adding images to a website page. Their vast knowledge is what makes them highly productive. Full stack developers can take technical decisions faster than both, front-end and back-end developers. Their decision-making skill is one of the reasons for their utmost importance for companies. Full stack developers not only complete multiple tasks within the given timeframe, but also save a lot of time for other tasks.




The demand for full stack developers in India will only increase in the future. With lots of companies going digital, there’s no doubt the need for full stack developers will stay for as long as new technologies keep on entering various industries. If you are planning to become a full stack developer then you should enter this sphere as soon as possible. In this day and age, becoming a full stack developers is a blessing. Now when somebody asks you ‘why should I become a full stack developer’ then you can enlighten them about its many benefits.