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Why Digital Marketing Is The Best Career Option?

By Lokesh Kumar07 Sep 2022
Why Digital Marketing Is The Best Career Option?

Most people are always confused when it comes to their career and end up choosing the wrong career option. This blog will enlighten you about why digital marketing is the best career option in India. If you are thinking about starting a career in digital marketing then you should read this blog in its entirety.


While digital marketing has been around for quite a few years, people are still in doubt if they can make a great career out of it. We have prepared a list of benefits of digital marketing career to eliminate all your confusion.


Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in 2022?


Attractive Salary


Digital marketing career is a boon for all those freshers who are looking to make good money. You would be surprised to know that the starting salary of a digital marketer in India is somewhere between Rs 25,000 to 30,000. This is an attractive starting salary for freshers looking to make a name for themselves.


And the best part of a career in digital marketing is that you can get this much amount of starting salary without any certificates or degrees, entirely on the basis of your talent. Apart from that if you have an experience in digital marketing, then you can even get paid a lot more than Rs. 30,000 per month. It all depends on your experience and skills.


Digital Marketing will Stay


We have only seen just the beginning of digital marketing. It will stay for a lot of time and this is because of its competence and the benefits it provides to various businesses and those who have chosen it as their career option. In fact, with the rapidly growing number of people and businesses using digital marketing services, there is no doubt that a career in digital marketing can provide you with great recognition and salary package.


Digital marketing is growing at a rate of approximately 30-35% per year. More and more startups and well-established businesses are leveraging the power of digital marketing services to improve their sales and whatnot.


Growth Possibilities


Digital marketing career in India brings you promising growth possibilities. As we all know that digital marketing has just begun, so there are lots of career options in digital marketing that people are yet to fully explore. From being SEO executives to handling PPC and Google Advertisements, there are so many career choices in digital marketing. Therefore, a career in digital marketing in 2022 guarantees you growth possibilities.


Digital marketing is a great career option in India, and especially in 2022. With great salary packages and immense growth opportunities, a career in digital marketing is what you need. If youre planning on starting your digital marketing career then the first thing that you need to do is to enroll for a digital marketing course. Make sure that at the completion of your course you get a certificate from the respective agency as it will help you grab an attractive salary package.